Crown D-75 Modified 2-Channel Power Amplifier

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This modified Crown D-75 power amp has been tested by our shop and is in good condition with all functions working. The power cable has been upgraded to a heavy-duty cable with 3-prong arrow-hart connector. The power knob has been upgraded to a toggle type switch. No rack ears are included, and two chassis cover screws are missing.
Made in USA in 1980s

From Crown: 
An unquestioned long-term standard, Crown D Series amplifiers are found everywhere in the lab, on the road, in public facilities, in the studio and at home. With over 25 years of continual production, the D Series is an example of Crown's commitment to developing long-term, reliable amplifier technology.
The Crown D-75 amplifier is perfect for moderate power applications such as recording or broadcast studio near-field monitoring, video suite audio monitoring, a recording/broadcast headphone amp or a small paging system.
Crown's AB+B circuitry ensures efficient use of output transistors while incorporating protection against shorted, open, mismatched or low-impedance loads. Designed, built and carefully checked to ensure reliable operation with a wide variety of loads, Crown D Series amplifiers are convection cooled. Their high reliability is particularly important in reducing maintenance costs.
Designed, built, and carefully checked to assure reliable operation into a wide variety of loads, the D-75 is especially appropriate for systems where cost is a primary concern, since its high reliability can be especially important in reducing startup and maintenance costs.
The D-75 provides 35 watts per channel minimum RMS (both channels operating) into an 8 ohm load over a bandwidth of 20Hz - 20kHz with a rated total harmonic distortion of not more than .05% of the fundamental output voltage.

Signal-to-Noise: (Unweighted) 106 dB below full rated power from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
Inputs: Balanced three-pin Neutrik XLR and 1/4-in. phone jack for each channel.
Output: Four-terminal barrier block (two per channel) and stereo headphone jack.
Input Impedance: 20 K ohms balanced, 10 K ohms unbalanced.
Controls: Power, channel 1 and 2 controls, dual/mono jumper
AC Line: Standard three-wire grounded connector.